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Your Employees Matter


Creating a Health Conscious Work Environment

At Divine Self-Healing our ideal clients are "people that serve people". We provide holistic health services to professionals that have committed to their Self-Healing journeys and are leading others into doing the same. Our offerings help you maintain your Physical, Spiritual, Intellectual and E-motional health and that of your employees. We look forward to serving those that desire to make a change to their mindset and lifestyle and desire to bring those they lead along.

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Increase Overall Health

Employers that implement employee wellness programs see a significant increase in the overall health and capacity of their employees in a short amount of time.


Decrease Employee Absenteeism

When employees feel that their core needs are being met they can feel their best and do their greatest work, in and out of the office. Employers who implement wellness initiatives see a significant decrease in burnout and in turn promote employee resilience.


Employee Retention

Studies show that employees are more likely to remain with employers that they feel value their overall well-being and not just their productivity in the workplaces. 59% of 1500 employees surveyed  said they had left an employer to prioritize their mental health

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Support Your Employees

Investing in your employees as a leader is one of the best decisions you can make. When your staff members have a great work-home life balance and are able to cope with stress effectively they are able to perform at their best more consistently. We offer three types of Wellness Programs to assist you in supporting those that support you in making your business all that it is: workshops, courses, and retreats. Contact us for more detail about these offerings.






Reach out to us for more information about our programs. We offer ready-made experiences that are crafted based on current research in the field of employee wellness and mental health. These offerings are made to address common occurrences that equip employees to feel their best and reflect that in their work.

We also know there is no one-size fits all approach to employee wellness and have the ability to provide a service that is tailored to the needs of your employees and workforce. 

Fill out the form below to get more information on how we can best partner with you  to support your employees.

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