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Deserve or Desire?

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Sometimes We hold on to things too long because We have convinced Our Selves that this is truly for Us. Often if We took the time to Truly evaluate a situation We could recognize where the Reality and the Perception don’t add up. We can see where We may be being too understanding to the point of slighting Our Selves. This is the difference in deserving and desiring. When We Align Our Selves with what We Truly deserve it is easy to see where Our Inner-g is being Reciprocated and We are being met with the same enthusiasm and Inner-G. It is also easier to discern where Our needs are not being met and We are not being valued to the fullest capacity. Desiring often leaves something to be desired – pun intended. Desiring can cause Us to overlook flags on the play and let Our boundaries slide instead of facing what is right in front of Us. Which is often the Truth that the current situation is not feeding Us unto Ascension or Serving Our highest good.

So, the next time Your Inner-g is not being matched or You find Your Self sweeping another bump under the rug, ask Your Self: Am I requiring what I Deserve or settling for the Desire for (or potential of) the current situation?

- Kleriti 🐞

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