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Sharing is Caring🌱💛

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

Your testimony is not for You, it is for every One.

If You Know me personally or have spoken with me at length this is something You hear me say from time to time. It is my belief that for each of Us, especially those called to positions of Leadership or Teaching, that there is a specific segment of people that Your message is meant to Resonate with. In order for this to happen We must gain the Wisdom and Align Our Selves so We may be in the Space to share. Another saying We may be familiar with is, "There is no Testimony without the Test." This is Truth as well. To have gained the Wisdom We must have moved through some things in Our Lifetime. Whether We deemed the outcome successful or not, We all have many stories to tell that could help some One.

That is the Purpose of Creating this Space. Not only to share my testimony and Wisdom with those who it is meant to touch but to allow Others the Space to do so as well. It is my Honour and Privilege to share with You All. In the coming weeks, months etc I will be opening up more about my personal story and where Divine Self-Healing was birthed from. About my own Self-Healing Journey, my #SpirirualAwakening and how I began practicing Indigenous Spirituality. How I changed my entire Lifestyle, from my environment to my "diet", how I Healed things within my body I have been told I'd have to Live with. And so much more.

I give Gratitude and Love to All of You that come across my Journey in these Spaces and platforms. Thankhs to All of You that take the step to work with me or utilize the content I Create for Your Selves. It is a Divine Blissing and Divine Timing that We are here. May We use Our time wisely for the Healing of Our Families and Our Legacies. Asé 🙏🏿

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