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The Next Goal

As I was walking in the park today I passed by a father teaching his Sun how to ride his bike without the training wheels. They were in the grass and the boy was very hesitant about getting back on the bike. His father said, "You set a goal and You've reached it, so let's move past it". The boy hesitantly got back on the bike and his father coaxed him forward. Before he took off his father asked him, "So what is the next goal?" The boy replied, "The goal is to stop." The little boy pedals and goes forward a few feet and he begins to tilt to the side, his dad encourages him to go on. You can see on the little boys face that he gives in to the fear. He falls over to the side and rolls in the grass. His father tells him, "You set a goal to stop and You stopped!" He then had a moment where he reflected with his Sun over all that had happened.

I was very grateful to witness this in that moment. This instance reminded me of how sometimes We may reach Our goals but because the end results or even the path to get there doesn't look how We thought it would We think We have fallen short. Sometimes the goal post moves as We go forward and things in Our Lives shift. It can get difficult to even maintain the momentum to keep going.

For me, in Life it is not about the destination, it is about how We navigate the Journey on the way. Sometimes We may tilt to the side, give in to the negative self-talk or self-defeating thoughts. That is okay and it happens. As long as We remember that the Divine is there to guide Us and We are always in Alignment. As long as We get back up and on to Our bike to move forward once again, with the next goal in mind.

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